Soup of the Day (RM 8.90)

(Please refer to our service crew)

Cream Of Mushroom (V) (RM 10.90)

The queen of comfort food


Garden Salad (V) (RM 14.90)

A healthy salad with capsicum, onions, cherry tomatoes  and more

Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon (RM 15.90)

Fresh & crunchy romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing accompanied with butter croutons and beef bacon with smoked salmon

Grilled Chicken Salad (RM 16.90)

With a little extra of a piece of tender juicy grilled chicken tossed with garden salad

Burgers and Sandwiches

(All burgers and sandwiches are served with fries as sides)

 House Burger (RM 19.90)

Your choice of Beef, Pork or Chicken burger patty grilled to perfection


Chapter One Burger (RM 33.90)

A double burger with the extras of beef bacon, cheese and fried egg!!


Grilled Chicken Sandwich (RM19,90)

Specially marinated chicken breast with tomato, lettuce, pickled cucumber with mayonnaise on wholemeal bread.


BLT (RM 17.90)

Classic favourite of beef bacon, lettuce & tomato


Chapter One Club Sandwich (RM 21.90)

Everything from beef bacon, egg mayo, turkey ham to cheese,lettuce, tomato and pickled cucumber


Add on of ingredients:

+ Beef Bacon RM 3

+ Turkey Ham RM 3

+ Cheese RM 3

+ Fried Egg RM 3


Braised Lamb Shank (RM 39.90)

Succulent and juicy braised lamb shank served with garden vegetable, coleslaw with thyme emulsion


Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chop (RM 36.90)

Grilled lamb shoulder, served with mash potato, sautéed veggie & black pepper raisin sauce


Roasted Half Chicken (RM 35.90)

Roasted braise chicken with house special blend sauce served with garden veggie & fries


Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin (RM 21.90)

Roasted chicken with shitake, coleslaw served with tomato cream sauce


Char Grilled New Zealand Sirloin Steak (RM 46.90)

Grilled sirloin with corn, potato wedges & mixed salad side


Fish & Chips (RM 21.90)

Traditional beer battered deep fried fish served with mushy green peas and fries accompanied with tartar sauce


Chicken In A Basket (RM 16.90)

Deep fried battered chicken breast served with garlic mayo on  fries


Pan-Seared Black Bass (RM 29.90)

Pan seared Black Bass Fillet with seasonal Veggie, Sauteed Potato Lyonaise & Red Pepper Coulis

Roasted Pork Knuckle (RM 59.90)

Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle served with grilled veggie & mustard


Spaghetti Carbonara (RM 19.90)

Perfectly cooked spaghetti with carbonara cream sauce with beef bacon


Spaghetti Pork Meatballs (RM 21.90)

With all the goodness of grandma’s kitchen pork meatballs cooked in tomato paste


Aglio Olio with Mushroom (RM 18.90)

Spaghetti tossed with olive oil and herbs and button mushroom


Steak & Kidney Pie (RM 32.90)

Pastry Pie stuffed with succulent beef chunks &kidney served with fries


Beef & Onion Pie (RM 32.90)

Original pastry pie with juicy beef chunks & caramelized onion stuffing


Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM 32.90)

Creamy chicken & mushroom

Local Delights

Curry Laksa (RM 16.90)

A wholesome noodle dish with Yellow Noodle & Vermicelli with veggie, hardboiled Egg, Seafood, Chicken and Taufuin a rich Coconut Milk & Curry Broth

Dry Chilli Chicken (RM16.90)

Boneless Chicken stir fried in thick soya & oyster sauce with ginger, dry chilli & onion served with lettuce & steamed white rice


Sweet & Sour Chicken (16.90)

Boneless Chicken tossed in delicious homemade sweet & sour gravy served with steamed white rice

Char Kaoy Teow (16.90)

Flat Noodle stir fried with Chicken, Egg, Prawn, Cockles & Fish Cake

Mee Goreng Mamak (16.90)

Stir Fried Yellow Noodles with Egg, Prawn, Chicken, Potato & Taufu

Kampung Fried Rice with condiments (RM 16.90)

Stir-fried rice with anchovies served with chicken wing & topped with fried egg

Tom Yam Fried Rice with condiments (RM 16.90)

Tom Yam styled stir fried vermicelli with veggie, prawns, chicken & egg

For Your Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Brownie (RM 12.90)

Homemade chocolate brownie topped with rich chocolate ganach and vanilla ice cream


Bread & Butter Pudding (RM 12.90)

Oven baked bread and butter pudding served with fruit cubes and a drizzle of strawberry sauce

Ice Cream (RM 9.90)

Double scoop of your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate or both!!


Sauteed Spicy Black Mussels (RM 17.90)

Black mussels tossed in white wine, garlic, onion, chilli flakes & tomato

Chapter One Sliced Beef (RM 19.90)

Grilled Angus Beef with Japanese Soya Sauce topped with Wasabi


Chicken Chilli Rellenos (RM 16.90)

Golden boneless chicken stuffed with chilli & cheese served with Jalapeno Salsa Picante

Chapter One Buffalo Wings  (RM 15.90)

Marinated buffalo wings served with celery sticks & ranch dressing

Oriental Chicken Wings (RM 13.90)

Marinated Chicken Wings served with Thai Chilli Sauce

Calamari Rings (RM 13.90)

Crispy & crunchy Squid rings deep fried served with Tartar sauce


Sausages, Onion & Chilli (RM 13.90)

Stir fried Pork  & Lamb Bangers with onion & chilli


Deep Fried Anchovies (RM 9.90)

Crispy Fried Anchovies with Onion & Chilli Paste

Crispy Pork Ribs (RM 16.90)

Deep fried pork ribs with fermented bean curd

Slow Braised Pork Slider Oriental Style (RM 15.90)

Braised sliced pork shoulder in Oriental gravy served with julienne leek, carrot & “Mantou” buns

Basket of Papadam (6.90)

Deep fried golden brown Salted Cracker served with Mint sauce


Mushroom in Cheese (RM 12.90)

Sauteed garlic & mushroom drenched in cream with a sprinkle of Blue Cheese….yummy!! Served with toast

Basket of Truffle Fries (RM 10.90)

Deep fried potato fries with Black Truffles served with mayonnaise

Anchovies & Peanuts (RM 3.00)

Deep fried salted anchovies & peanuts